Mark Gorman - Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

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Mark Gorman is a Native Texan, true to his roots. Not just a mindless Texas Troubadour, Mark's writing is prolific and powerfully authentic. Musicians come and go, but Mark Gorman is equal parts singer/songwriter/guitar slinger and Texas cowboy/historian/storyteller. Texas history is deeply storied in a multicultural mix, clash and melding process that puts Texas on the map worldwide as someplace special. Mark Gorman's music touches it all, from Texas Swing, Blues, Country, Cowboy and Americana to Hispanic, Germanic and Appalachian elements which make Texans uniquely recognizable around the globe. These are the roots from the people that were never able to tame this vast state, but were able to settle within it's vast borders to survive and possibly make a living.

Texas Music is as rich as its history and Mark Gorman is a Texas singer/songwriter who finally does justice to the Texas Music genre.

 Ross Young - Drums, Percussion and Vocals

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     Raised in Texas and drumming since age 11, Ross Young has played in dozens of bands and two orchestras in his 33 year stage career of writing original music, Classic Rock, Country, Latin Pop, Progressive Rock, Metal, Stage Musicals and Contemporary Christian Worship Music. Inspired by Neil Peart, John Bonham and Bill Bruford, Ross always desired live performance art to be the highest form of musical expression.

Now a full time musician, Ross has further enjoyed the privilege of teaching for over 13 years and introducing hundreds of students to the joy of playing drums.

 Dave Hutchison- Bass

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Born in Gainsville, Texas, Dave Hutchison began his musical journey in Dallas where the family had moved. Playing guitar under the tutelage of his father, his early roots were in Bluegrass and Country. In his early teen years, he formed a local band with some friends, but when his father was transferred to Frankfort, Kentucky, David and his family again uprooted. He began his high school career as the “new kid”, but it was there that Hutchison met some other guys who had a band. They had no room for a guitar player but were looking for a bassist. That’s when Dave pivoted from 6 string guitars and Country Music to 4 string bass and Rock ‘n Roll. “I never looked back”, he recounts. 2 years later, the family moved back to Dallas. When Dave approached his former bandmates about rejoining the group, they had no opening for a guitarist. Luckily for them, David was a bass player and stepped back into the group. After marrying his sweetheart, Dave and his new family took up residence in Waxahachie, Texas and has been a permanent force in Ellis County, both as a business owner and bassist.

Over the years, Dave Hutchison returned to his Country and Western roots as bassist in many North Texas bands. He has opened for the likes of John Anderson, Little Texas, Tanya Tucker, B B King, Bonnie Raitt, Mark Chestnut and Gene Watson just to name a few. Now, he has stepped into the role of playing the bass lines around Mark Gorman’s guitar and vocals. “…it’s all about the groove”, Hutchinson quips about being a part of the rhythm section.  Hutchison recently said, "I enjoy playing with [Mark and Brian in] The Mark Gorman Band because of [the] songwriting and musicianship. I enjoy playing original songs much more than covers." Dave Hutchison is once again the "new kid", but there's nothing new to his role of laying down the bottom line.