Mark Gorman - Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Mark Gorman is a Native Texan, true to his roots. Not just a mindless Texas Troubadour, Mark's writing is prolific and powerfully authentic. Musicians come and go, but Mark Gorman is equal parts singer/songwriter/guitar slinger and Texas cowboy/historian/storyteller. Texas history is deeply storied in a multicultural mix, clash and melding process that puts Texas on the map worldwide as someplace special. Mark Gorman's music touches it all, from Texas Swing, Blues, Country, Cowboy and Americana to Hispanic, Germanic and Appalachian elements which make Texans uniquely recognizable around the globe. These are the roots from the people that were never able to tame this vast state, but were able to settle within it's vast borders to survive and possibly make a living.

Texas Music is as rich as its history and Mark Gorman is a Texas singer/songwriter who finally does justice to the Texas Music genre.

 Brian Kuterbach - Drums

Brian Kuterbach began his musical journey at the age of eight, when his father would regularly take him to nearby Philadelphia to see some of the greatest jazz and big band artists of the time. With a particular fascination for the drums, Brian knew that music and drums would have to be part of his life and began to formally study percussion at the age of nine.

With a desire to learn as many musical styles as possible, Brian played whenever and wherever he could; in school bands as well as local rock and jazz bands. A wide array of musical influences from Philadelphia Soul to Rush to Santana, began to shape his musical sensibilities. Striving to better understand musical structure, Brian began studying keyboards and piano. Continuing his musical journey, Brian went on to receive a BA degree in percussion.

Today, Brian brings his musical knowledge and wide variety of influences to the drums, playing with various local bands that showcase R & B, classic rock, county, and jazz.

Brian’s drumming philosophy has never wavered: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Play to complement the music”.

 Doug Laird - Bass, Vocals



Doug was born in Pasadena, Texas, but began his musical journey when his folks moved the family to Dickinson, Texas. Doug started playing piano and sang in church choir. At school, he joined the band and played baritone and trombone. While at Baylor University in Waco, Texas pursuing a degree in Pharmacy, Laird took voice and began playing acoustic guitar. He later transferred to the University of Texas in Austin. Doug joined his first real band, Brass Tachs as a singer, where he met another vocalist named Trudy, who would later become Doug’s wife.  After settling in Central Texas, Doug and Trudy formed “Buffalo Nickel” a classic country band. Needing someone to play bass, Doug made the switch from guitar. After some time, Doug moved his family to Las Cruces, New Mexico where he joined a band called “The Range Riders”. By the 1990’s, Texas was again home to the Lairds. Doug and Trudy have continued to play and record in a number of bands from Christian rock to blues and country. They even played, collaborated and recorded with Mark Gorman for a brief time in the ‘90’s. Over the years, Doug and his family have come out on numerous occasions to watch Mark or the band play. Now the time is right and the stars have aligned for Doug to see it all from the other side of MGB, from the stage. “It’s great to finally have Doug as a part of the band,” Mark Gorman said. “I’ve reached out to him several times before, but the timing was never right. Not just anybody can play bass for MGB. There are a myriad of styles that we play and none of them easy. The bass is an integral part of our music. It moves. It walks. It colors the melody along with locking in with the kick drum and securing the beat. The bassist really has to be on his toes. Doug brings a high standard of musicianship to the band, something we always require. Not only this, but he sings the harmony parts well, another thing not easy in the Mark Gorman Band. We all feel very blessed to have him,” Mark concluded. Within 3 short weeks of joining the band, Doug was establishing himself on stage as the newest member of MGB.